The future in textile and fabric based wearables
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Next Generation Wearables

We build patent-pending fabric based wearables that combine both textiles and electronics

Comfortable & Form-Fitting

Our technology provides comfortable and seamless integration into your cloths

Dynamic and Real-Time Data

The most nuanced data of your movement and exercises can be collected wherever and whenever

Data-Driven Decisions

We use training sets from professionals to develop machine learned algorithms to provide quantitative metrics and actionable feedback.

Our Technology

Reinventing sewing technology

We have repurposed sewing technology to weave and thread electrically conductive fibers to create new types of wearable circuitry

Developing flexible and
wearable technologies

We are using design and fabrication methods found in the textile and fashion industry and applying them to develop next generation wearable electronics

Expertise in hardware and circuit design

We have expertise in electrical engineering and circuit design, giving us the unique ability to merge fabrics and hardware to engineer new wearable platforms

Delivering new platforms for
flexible and fabric-based
wearable technologies

Our Mission


Our goal is to combine sewing technology with embedded circuitry to re-invent the wearable landscape


We are driven to create a new platform of flexible and fabric-based electronics


We are collecting exciting new datasets on human movement that no other wearables can in order to better understand and optimize user specific performances

Our Team

Driven to reinvent the definition of wearables

George Sun

Lead Engineer & Designer

Xavier Vargas

Lead Business & Marketing Developer

Eugene Wang

Software Developer & Product Manager

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